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Shooting sports? Get in position

No matter how good your camera is, it can't shoot what it can't see. If there's a big crowd between you and the action, your photos will disappoint. Forget photographing major sporting events with huge crowds—you can't get close enough. Kick back and enjoy the game. In every other sporting situation, follow these tips from an expert action photographer.

Go early and get close:

The closer you get to the action, the better you'll be able to fill the frame. Beat the crowd and go early so you'll be able to scout the best vantage point—and stake your claim to it. That way your telephoto lens is in position to take amazing photos when the action starts

Take risks:

Sometimes you have to be willing to get dirty—or wet or cold—to get that unforgettable shot. Make sure you and your camera are insured, then move beyond your comfort zone and closer to the action. Not every risk will produce a great shot, but the one that does is sooooo rewarding.

Work the angles:

No, you can't stay in one place, even if it's a great one. Too many shots from the same angle get boring fast. Scope out other possible angles, then move on and try them out. You'll not only see new possibilities in new positions, you'll get better coverage of the event.

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