90 Days In Northern Nicaragua

Trip of a Lifetime Capturing the Beautiful and Warm Waves of Nicaragua

90 Days In Northern Nicaragua

In October the opportunity came my way to spend three months shooting the waves and surfers in the quieter Northern region of Nicaragua and I jumped at the chance. Swapping my 5/3 winter wetsuit here in the UK for a pair of board shorts in the warm waters was an easy decision. Working closely with a surf camp (www.thunderbombsurf.com) I woke up before sunrise daily to capture the best of the lighting before the sun got too intense. 

This particular morning we had a super moon so I headed to the beach a little earlier than usual to try and make the most of the extra ambient light. Watching the sunrise and the moon drop a whole spectrum of colors washed through the sky creating some cool blues in the water.

This mile long stretch of beach seemed to be a melting pot for traveling surfers from all over the world, only a few days in to my trip and I had bumped into someone from my home county. When the swells and wind align it makes for some world-class conditions for experienced riders to indulge in.

When a heavy hollow wave reels down the line at speed it sometimes creates a "Spit". As the wave collapses inwards a mixture of air and spray compresses and shoots out the end of the tube. Here's a spitting wave that created a little rainbow from the spray.

The last hour of light during the hot days also opened up more lighting opportunities in the water. The clean offshore winds mixed with the backlit light helps create a marbled texture on the face of the waves.

Billy Anderson scoops into a crystal blue barrel. Linking up on images like this takes some practice. Shooting in the water you must constantly be watching the waves, rip currents and wind whilst also anticipating how the riders will hold their line through the wave.

This is the kind of view you get from in the water on this beach, normally a sight only reserved for surfers. Putting yourself deep inside of waves of this size you need to be confident that your gear will hold up to the task. With my SanDisk Extreme cards I can be confident that by the time I get back and upload my shots my cards will be going strong.

I caught the tail end of the rainy season in Nicaragua and the few storms I was fortunate enough to witness were incredible. This particular evening we had just had to make a hastily run back to the cover of the surf camp after a lightning strike landed just a few hundred yards down the beach. 

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Callum Morse

Callum Morse found himself magnetized to the sea from an early age. He specializes in surf & ocean photography.
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